Winter time predator proofing in the run

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    Nov 7, 2012
    Put up some chicken wire to close off the East bay of the chicken run yesterday. Temp got all the way up to 30.5*. After talking with a friend, I plan to eventually put a wire roof over that bay, (12 x 14ish) so that it will be hawk proof year round. In the spring, I hope to cut a door through to the rest of the run. That will allow me to let the chickens out into an almost secure area when I can't be around. The rest of the run can be covered by netting from end of April through end of October. I may need to re-think that plan b/c of the DL management. I like putting the debris in the east end. As the girls work it over, it kind of migrates to the west end b/c of the gentle slope of that area. If any one can come up with some ideas to maintain a partition fence, but still allow that to happen, I'm all ears. I may need to simply do 2 distinct compost areas. I also plan to cut a door in the west end of the run to allow easy removal of finished compost.

    For those of you who cover your runs with either wire or corrugated roofing... or any other material, I'd love to hear what you're using. Especially how you support it over a long expanse. Snow load issues increase the difficulty.

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