Winter Tips

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    Jun 28, 2009
    Here are a few winter tips:
    • If your hens are free-range, and HATE snow, shovel a circle of the snow around their coop so they can peck.
    • Give them scratch!
    • Put a heater in, but not a heated water. Instead of just warmig their water, warm THEM with the water!
    • Add extra litter/hay
    • Make sure if your chooks enjoy snow that it is NO deeper than their Crop.
    • Shovel the snow on the roof of coop and Run off! You DO NOT want it to cave in on your chooks!
    • check for eggs (large farmers) Every hour or 2, so no eggs freeze, crack and are eaten by hens and (small farmers) check at least once a day!
    • Look for tracks near the coop: They may be a lions for all I know of the predators in your area!
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    Dec 28, 2010
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    I read on a diff thread that scratch is a "hot feed". So my question is how long from the time they eat it until they get peak heat from metabolizing it? I know horses get their peak heat after 6-8 hours so evening feed time becomes important to make them the warmest at the coldest part of the night. What about chickens?

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