wintering my chicken


8 Years
Sep 3, 2011
Frances seems to have adopted us. I believe she's an Australorp, and has been living in the woods behind our house (in rural Western Wisconsin). We've started feeding her and with winter coming on I'm worried about her. What should we do? It was suggested that we build a haven of hay bales and always have water for her. Should we confine her in a pen (she's certainly been able to keep away from predators so far). Would like to adopt another winter hardy hen for a companion. Good idea or bad? If so, should we get a mature hen at this time of year? This is all new to us so any help you can give is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Can you provide any shelter, predator proof for her? I have read that the combs,and wattles are really targets of frost bite. Is she friendly enogh you can pick her up?

I really have little experience, but if she is freindly try to make a predator proof area, and try to keep her warm as she can be. Food, and water, and you just may be rewarded with eggs!!
start by feeding her closerr and closer to your coop, maybe she'll integrate..are you sure nobody owns her? If you can catch her (wherever she roosts) you can keep her inside for a few days and she'll likely stay.
I too am worried about winter, if it's anything close to last year it will be brutal...everyone says the predators are so much worse in winter too, so she's likely not to survive without help, poor thing, looks like she was smart enough to choose you

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