Winterizing your hens


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Apr 9, 2010
I am in upstate NY. This is my first winter with my Buff Orpingtons. My coop is NOT insulated. Is this necessary for winter? How do they deal with the cold? Anyone from the Northeast have any advice/tips/warnings about the cold and winterizing my hens and coop? Thanks in advance!
There are literally thousands of threads on this topic -- several seem to be posted every single day. If you use the search box in the upper right corner of the screen you'll be able to find most of them.
well, I have no idea how to upload a pic on this site...i have a small coop that holds 4 orpingtons. It has a small ventilated hut for night and then during the day I open it so they can go into their predator proof run. Thats about all the info I think...also, I will check out those threads on the subject...
You will get an overload of information and opinions on all of those other threads. I'm in Wisconsin. The most important things are keep them dry, ventilation but no drafts, and water. Some add heat lamps, insulation and so on. Your BO's are good winter birds (heavy and full of feathers). They will do just fine.
I keep reading about damp/drafts...I have 5 circular metal vents (like for attics) I think 3" rounds, on one side of the coop, above where they roost. I have no idea if that is adequate ventilation. They seemed fine in the hottest summer temps. But as far as DAMP...I mean, how do you gauge the there something I should look for? Their hut is plywood and has heavy roof shingles on top so it never has leaks or anything...

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