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    Aug 5, 2015
    Our chicken house has a 8" insulated floor, but the walls are board and batton and have many 3/4" gaps. (My father in law built it). He and my husband say it will be fine for winter, but after seeing some of the beautiful houses in here, I am concerned it will let in too much wind during the winter months. What do some if you experienced chicken owners think? We live in southeast PA.
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    Hello & welcome! [​IMG] As long as your chickens are dry and draft-free, they will be fine. It sounds like you have some concerns about drafts as you should be in Pa! [​IMG]
    Another thing to think about, 3/4 inch is large enough for weasels and other little nasties to get in and kill your birds.
    IMO - those gaps should be sealed up asap. Good luck! [​IMG]
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    Tarps make very cheap and efficient draft stoppers. If you can tarp around the sides with the prevailing winds, that will help a lot. The south side should not be sealed tight, you need plenty of ventilation, even in the depths of winter.

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