Wiring and setting up cabinet incubator


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Aug 24, 2010
I have been using multiple styrofoam little giant incubators over the past two years. I now have an ideal cabinet that was given to me and have designed wire racks and shelves for the eggs and have had many succusful hatches, however not the numbers i should have had. I have used lights and small fans to regulate temperature which is much easier in the summer when the air conditioning is on. Now that winter has set in, i am trying to figure out how to re-do the incubator. I have multiple parts such as heating / wire elements from other parts etc but cannot conclusively figure out what to go online and buy to set up my cabinet with a thermostat, heating device etc. I have looked online over and over but have no idea what wattage/ size heating element i would need, or what to buy to make it complete so that it has a more control-able temperature. I am afraid if i go online and order, i wont get the right stuff or not all the parts i need. any help would be greatly appreciated. I have taken pictures of what I have so far but not sure i can figure out how to post with this. If anyone can help, I will be happy to email. thanks.




my dad just built myself an inc. I will have to find the plans but everything we used is right on there
. Just got a %90 hatch of of the fertile eggs. PM me tomorrow sometime (because if you don't I WILL forget
) and will try and find the instructions that he used.
I built mine from a mini fridge.. I might be able to help you some... First i would replace the wire rack you have below the lights with solid wood so the heat can travel to the front and then down.. I didnt see a fan at the bacl between the heat source as that would really help to push the warm air to the front .. also i didnt see any vent holes to draw in the fresh air and let out the hot air. mostly its kind of a trial and error thing .. i have had to make a few adjustments to mine to get it working just right.. i have two lights at the top and it didnt heat at bottom as good it was about a degree cooler so i put a heating element out of an old dehydrator in the bottom and it sure helped..i have a few pics of mine somewhere if you want i will try to find them.. just let me know
I didn't see a thermostat anywhere, so I would suggest that you get a thermostat. I would suggest a Wafer Thermostat, or even an incubator warehouse digital thermostat. I have been using the Wafer thermostat, and it is a nice thermostat for me. I have no fluctuation in it, at all.

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