Wish I had a camera.... I'm so glad I listened to you!


11 Years
Mar 25, 2008
1 hour north of Sacramento, CA
This morning I hear my 8 week old (just introduced to the flock and on her own because mama is broody AGAIN) chick peeping fit to be tied down in the run. I thought I better go investigate, make sure she isn't getting picked on. I go down there and see nothing out of the ordinary but everyone is really quiet and standing really still except for my rooster who is chattering constantly and obviously agitated. All of the sudden WOOSH! A hawk flies over my head no more than 10 feet up and lands ON TOP OF THE RUN! My rooster springs into action, ramps up his alarm call and jumps up on the roost. The hawk was obviously immature and quite a bit smaller than my rooster, but was quite content to sit up there and inspect my run for signs of weakness. I wish I had a camera! It was less then 8 feet from me.
Now for something funny - When all this started going down and the hawk swooped in right above my head I remember looking up and thinking "What is Bette doing up there?" Bette is my barred rock and all I saw was the stripy tail feathers on that hawk and it was a case of mistaken identity.
The hawk is gone for now, and I'm really glad I heeded the warnings of you guys and built the fortress that is my chicken run.

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