Wish me luck....Father and Daughter set our first batch of eggs.

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    Thanks to chicken math and the lack of control cheerleader here on BYC we decided to add to our flock. I perfer local raised over hatchery chicks, but no one had the Black Copper Maran chicks locally. It was a perfect excuse to buy an incubator....chicken math strikes again.

    We bought a Little Giant incubator for my daughter off Craigslist. I added a computer fan and power supply to the incubator.

    We picked up an egg turner and a couple digital thermometer and hygrometers off fleabay.

    I found a BYC member in my area to get eggs from. While waiting for her girls to lay we were offered local eggs from a small farm who also raises specialty breeds. He gave us a tour of the farm, his breeding pens and all the different species he has. He has ringneck pheasants to Speckled Susex. We got 2 dozen eggs, 12 Cucko Maran, 9 Laced Wyandotts and 3 turkey eggs. The turkey eggs are a possible maybe at best.

    I preparation we cleaned the incubator, put the egg turner in, added the digital and analog thermometers and fired it up. After getting it adjusted and stable over a couple days we were finally ready. With the turkey eggs we should of set them a week ahead of the other eggs, but there was no way I could have restrained my 10 year old daughter that long.

    This morning my daughter and I set our first eggs. Wish them (the eggs) luck that we don't do something stupid.

    I printed her out a calender with what and when marked on it and went over the DO NOT TOUCH parts of the incubator. The incubator is in my cellar room that has my fish tanks in it. There are no windows or heating elements in the room so the temp is very stable at 68* and 55%.

    **** is it going to be a long wait till day 7, when we get to candle.

    Picture father and daughter with absolutly no patience, just ask the wife and mother........who has none herself.

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    Feb 9, 2012
    Not long ago I picked up one off of craigslist. After selling 20 chicks. some1 day olds and others that were 4 week olds.

    I only have 58 chicks living in my house right now... well..I haven't counted in a while so give or take.....

    Good Luck not getting over run by chicks Like I am LOL.
    Have fun hatching!
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    Already warned wife and daughter we can't keep all the chicks that hatch even at 50%. Got that yea Dad whatever look as they agreed too easily. I'm sooooooo screwed of the turkey eggs are fertile and hatch.
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    Day 20 and we got our first hatchling.

    We got peeping, pecking and eggs rocking, with the cheerleader chirping up a heck of a chant.

    My daughter is giving us a play by play on which eggs are pecking, peeping and rocking. It's killing her not being able to pick up the cheerleader.

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Congratulations! Post photos of the new fluffy cuties when you can! [​IMG] I've still got 28 days to go...just set my duck eggs today.
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    Congrats! [​IMG] Can't wait to see pics [​IMG]
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    The count is 2 Marans and 2 Wyandotts. The last one was getting shrink wrapped so the wife got her wish to to open the incubator. We did a quick grab and go. The two early arrivals went to the brooder. Mum pealed the shell and misted the membrane to easily and then we put her back to climb out on her own.


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    We are up to 12 in the brooder and helped on more out of her shell.
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    Happy Birthday!


    Looks like the chicks did well inspite of all the mistakes a family of well meaning Noobs made. Out of 21 eggs we set we had 13 hatch and three turkey eggs due to hatch next Saturday. The Cuckoo Marans hatched at very high rate compared to the Wyandotts. On a sad note we will probably have to cull one chick with a leg issue.


    A big thank you to Arielle and all those that tutored and advised us on our first attempt.

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