With a heavy heart I say ..." it might be time to give up on chickens"


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Oct 27, 2007
Orlando, Florida
We have had nothing bit pest problems lately. In the past 2 weeks Ive lost Fluffy Butt, Miss Priss and 4 of my chicks. The month before that I have lost about 3/4 of my entire flock. First the predetor starting taking my girls off the nest during the day, I fixed that problem, but then it just broke into the coop one night and took out everyone.
The critter literaly chewed a hole into the side of the wood coop and had a buffet. I was heart broken, but atleast I still had my 6 girls that I had adopted and refused to sleep in the coop. Those girls sleep in the barn rafters. Never had any problems, so I just left them there.

I picked myself back up and 8 chicks from the tack shack. They have been living on the porch in a large dog cage. I am going to reside the coop and reinforce it with chicken wire between the studs and walls. Nothing was going to get into those babies.

Well they had gotten pretty big, so I let them out to play for a couple hours in the yard right off the porch, I lost 2 of my babies in broad daylight. Well I wasnt doing that again, but this morning I woke up to find that something came onto the screen porch, and pulled out 2 of my babies!!!
All that was left of 1 was her head. The holes on this cage are about 1"x4" I cant belive something got them!!

So far we have caught 2 opposums and a racoon. But signs show there are still so many left out there. The traps are up every night, but the animals are getting smart.

For the best of my remaining babies I think it might be best to find a good home where they can live safely. Short of living in the house, I cant seem to keep anyone safe.

Thanks for listening


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Apr 17, 2007
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Predators are really bad right now. I'm right by you and I just gave up all my birds too. After reinforcing the coop just about everyway short of electrifying them (we don't have a way to run power that far) I've given up. I think there is just so much development going on in our area the preds are all being pushed towards us. I do have some chicks in the incubator though if you want some. They are due to hatch next Friday. If you'd like some let me know. HUGS!!! Kathy


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May 17, 2007
You didn't say where you live, but I imagine it must be pretty wild country. If something chewed a hole into to the chicken coop, it had to have been very hungry.

Sometimes it is just better to buy eggs and honey at the store and forget about raising chickens and bees. It is safer than attracking bears into your property.

I saw where a guy in I think New Hampshire got arrested for shooting a bear in his back yard. He got it with a bow and arrow. Those locos are going to send him to prison and stick him with a big fine for shooting a bear that could have killed his wife and kids.

Now suppose the bear did kill someone, where would the legal liability lie? Would the state game and fish department be liable?



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Aug 31, 2007
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1) Take medium to large traps and set them near coop, porch, trash cans, and any where you might find these predator at night.

2) Then place a shallow dish with cat food in each cage.

3) Let set over night....

4) In morning with any gage shot gun or riffle .22 cal or larger in hand check traps.

5)If you caught anything, take said shot gun or riffle cock it, aim it, fire it, and send the predator to meet its maker. Do this with every trap....

6) Dispose of corpse as you see fit. Whether you make a hat, tie its tail to an automobile antenna (like me), or make a nice soup, that part is up to your own preferences.

7) Continue Steps 1-6 until several weeks go by and traps stay empty every day...
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Feb 20, 2008
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wow, we are building a coop now to start chickens for our children... we live in the country and hearing what you have gone thru is making me nervous. We poured a concrete floor and have a "rat-woodchuck wall' made. We are going to order some chicks soon. I wish we lived closer to you we would be happy to adopt your babies. My heart goes out to you. :aww
Wonder if you could borrow a hunting dog to scare off the predators??? Our thoughts are with you and we hope the situation changes for the better for you.

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Aug 3, 2007
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FLchook So sorry to hear about your loss. I read your story to my DH and he said that since there are coming for chickens, and they are getting smarter, use your dead chickens as bait. I know it sounds awful but it just might work if they are not coming to the bait you are using. Predators show no mercy. Try turning a radio on at night or all day for the matter to discouraged predators. I have a radio that is on a timer that comes on just before dark that seems to help protect our meat birds when we have them. Good luck and don't give up.

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Mar 8, 2008
What about just borrowing a dog and letting it urinate around the coop area? Heck, for that matter, I wonder if you could have a male family member do the job!


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Oct 27, 2007
Orlando, Florida
Thanks guys...its been so hard, and I dont expect to get awhole lot of sleep tonight. I have been leaving lights on, traps are set every night. My screen porch now looks light fort Knox out there. Babies are double wraped with tiny hole chicken wire, and plexi glass or cardboard between cage and wire. Cat door blocked (cant lock it cause my dear Lab thought he was 10 lbs, and not 100 when he tore out of it.) and I stacked 3 bags of fertilizer. They are heavy, and im thinking the strong smell might deter....im desparate are reaching for any of these ideas.

To answer the where questions....I live in Oviedo, FL (just north of Orlando). We have 5 acres, in a rather rual area.

Oh..as for bait...well there are no trace of the chickens but a few feathers. Well except for my girls head this morning.

Oh and I was told to kill one of the beasts and drip the blood around the property. It will deter the predetors. Also, we have 2 dogs, but they are worthless lumps LOL They do pee all over, but maybe I need to invite all the guys over to a pack of beer
Worth a shot to me.


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Apr 14, 2007
Sorry for your loss. I agree a good dog is worth it's weight in gold..

To me that is my biggest worry. We have started my coop--it has a cement floor, 3/4" thick barn siding on the inside and outside. We are using 10' chain link fencing (two feet will be in the ground) for the run and 48" -1/2" hardware cloth from the ground up, there will be a cement skirting around the run. Corner post will be 6x6 and and the other posts will be 4x4. I will also have 1/2" hardware cloth on on the top of the run. I would just be sick if something got my hens.. Dixie

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