With time, will a broody hen snap out of it?


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Jun 15, 2009
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This is my first year with chickens (well, it has been about 11 months) and I have my first broody hen. We are not planning on anymore chickens for a while, so I don't want to put any fertile eggs under her. I also don't have the time right now to build a separate cage with a wire bottom for her to break her of the habit of living in the nest box. Given time, will she snap out of it on her own?

Any advice is appreciated!

I tried to let my broodies break out of being broody on their own. I regret it. By the time I finally took action and got them out of it, their combs had shriveled to almost nothing and were very pale. I hadn't realized they were declining so badly for being allowed to be broody for so long.

Heres a thread you might find helpful, especially the first post:
Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll just have to make time to make that other cage for her. We take her out of the box and give her food and try to get her to hang out with the other chickens about 5 times a day, but she sure is stubborn.

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