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    Hi, i'm new here and for the past few days one of my four ducks has been wobbly and out of balance.[​IMG] I'm pretty sure its the male and I think it ate something bad but i'm not sure what i fed him that was out of date/bad for ducks.[​IMG] My best guess of what i fed him would be a few vegetables like (tomatoes lettuce and a few cucumber peels.(that were not out of date). It might not be the problem but just in case its the food.[​IMG] I also feed them layer pellets but i don't think that's causing the problem.
    I saw another duck doing this but i put him in the water and was fine
    [​IMG] I think he was just tired .The wobbly duck cant really stand up strait he always has his beak laying in the dirt and wont drink or eat. we put his beak in the water so he could drink but i don't think it made a difference. he's been wobbling back and forth and can only walk a few steps.I hope you can tell me what's wrong and what to do
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    You should research Niacin deficiency and see if it fits your case. That could contribute to the wobbliness but not to the no eating/drinking. How old are they? What breed? I hope someone with more experience can help you further.
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    How old is this duck? and do you have any activated charcoal, if you suspect he may have eaten something moldy or toxic [I don't think what you said you fed him would qualify unless they were moldy but he may have eaten something you don't know about. do a flush with the activated charcoal. If a young duckling then for one no laying pellets till of laying age or breeding age if drake, and if young then it could be a niacin dif. but we need more info. info on flushes https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/700526/flushes-for-aiding-in-toxin-removal#post_9508213
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