Won’t go in coop


May 21, 2019
I have 6 week old Astrolop chicks that I have had separated from my older hens by chicken wire to where they can see each other but they have their own coop. A couple of days ago they quit going in the coop and was roosting on the ground outside against the coop of older hens. I cleaned out the chick coop to check for varmits etc. but there wasn’t any and they still will not go in. I even tried to force them in right at the door and they would not go in. It has been raining here really bad here and I created a place for them to get under and they are just so skittish they sit in same place each night.
Do I need to catch them and force them in the coop or catch them and put in another coop? I have 3 different coops.
Thanks for any information on this.

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