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Aug 16, 2013
Hi all,

New chicken mama. Got 1 Rhode Island Red, 2 Rhode Island Red/White crosses that are laying at this time. I got three eggs today, one was cracked in the nest box. Not sure how it happened or who did it, but I think it was the pure RIR.

I got these hens, along with 4 buff orpington pullets on Friday, so this is only a few days that I have had them. They seem fine, doing chicken things, preening, stretching,etc,

So anyway, as I said I got three eggs already today, but this afternoon for about the past 3 hours the pure RIR has been staying in the coop and in the nest box, then out of the nest box, then in the next box. She will squat and "stomp her feet" is what it sounds like, and it looks like she is rooting around in the nest box after that. Any ideas? I tried to entice her out of the coop with some meal worms but she was only out a minute, then went back in and up to the nest box.

Is there anything I should look for? Should I put an egg in the nest so she thinks she laid it? Or is this something sort of normal (unfortunately I don't know if this is her personality, but she didn't do this yesterday)


Well...right after I posted this I went and put another egg in the nest she was in...just to see if I could fool her into thinking she laid and move along. I came back in...googled some things...heard the stray roosters making all sorts of noise (like when they roost at night) went over to the window to see what the fuss was and saw my RIR hen standing there yapping with them. I went to look at the nest and there were two eggs...one that I put in, and one that came out of her, lol. I guess it just took her awhile to get it out :) She was up and down that nest box about three hours or so... but maybe the stress of moving has her all goofed up.

So, I guess there is nothing to answer now :) thankfully.
Glad it worked itself out. Probably moving stressed her out and it just took her a few days to get back to laying. Sometimes when you move them, it takes a lot longer for them to start laying again so good for you!


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