Wondering what breed and or gender my 4 chickens are??

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Jul 17, 2016
Hey there!

We took 2 chicks from our sons classroom hatching project so we are not sure the breed or sex...We suspect 'April' is a boy.

We bought the other 2 'girls' and were told they are Black Copper Marans...I'm pretty sure Penny is but not sure abut Terri.

This is 'April' - 6 weeks old...boy or girl/breed?

Cee Cee is also 6 weeks old and not sure breed at all...pretty sure she is a girl.

Pretty Penny - 9 weeks Black Copper Maran/female??

Terri - 9 weeks Black Copper Maran, female? She has white tipped wings

Right now, they look like pulltets. Terri is a Black Cooper Maran (dark brown eggs) and CiCi is an Easter Egger/Americana (colorful eggs). Keep the forum posted on your babies! :)
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Thank you for your post! We were hoping Cee Cee is an easter egger hybrid! I'll be sure to keep you updated on them...we love them so much. So fun to watch and 'play' with them.

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