won't be here for awhile


12 Years
Apr 10, 2007
Dickson TN
We need to cancel our internet service for awhile so I will not be around. I sure will miss talking with everyone and learning. I will keep you all in my thoughts and get on here when I can. Hopefully we won't be disconnected for too long.

I f I can find a job or some income soon, it will help.

Miss you all already,

Our library doesn't have computers and is not opened very much. The real mian thing that will bother me is not being able to see our DD on the webcam as she just went to Afghanistan. we can still talk on the phone though!

Sorry Monica - hope you don't have to go to long without. Tell your DD that I will keep her in my thoughts.
I am so sorry you won't be able to see her. Maybe things will turn around for you really soon.
We will miss you.
I'm sorry to hear that you won't be around much... If you have a land line telephone, you might try using Netzero. I keep it loaded on my laptop so that I don't have to pay for internet when I am out of town. The service is free and the dial-up numbers are local. I think that they allow you 11 or 12 hours per month.

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