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    Last week I bought 4 Rhode Island Red 20 week old pullets, from a commercial breeder. They won't come out of their coop. I have a two storey coop, which has a nesting boxes, and roosts upstairs and a wire mesh area downstairs. Occasionally they will come through the trapdoor into the bottom area (maybe they fall down the hole - it's not far), but they fly back up again.[​IMG]

    I don't want them to be feeding inside the coop as ultimately I want them to be freerange. Their feed is in the bottom level, along with the water.

    So, should I be pushing them out of the coop each morning, and blocking the doorway back in?
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    Try throwing some food or tasty treats on the ground.
  3. RainbowFlower

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    I've tried that. I've even tried laying a trail of food down the ladder. Aside from a cup of food a day I put into the top storey (can't have them starve to death), all of the food is in the bottom storey. They still won't go there.
  4. RainbowFlower

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    I'm really hoping someone has some words of wisdom for me on this. It has been another two days and still they stay in their coop. What can I do to encourage them to explore a little?
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    I'm having the same problem as you. I've tried treats but they'll just go outside to eat the treats but go back to the coop afterwards. I have three RIR that are 9-10 weeks old. I posted a thread on this and a person responded to say close the coop up after they leave and let them roam around. I'll try this tomorrow by giving them treats to get them outside and close up the coop.
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    Move them to the lower story in the mornings, close up the top story, and don't let them back up till evening, when they need to go to roost. Do this for a couple days, and they will be fine.
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    Quote:I agree. [​IMG] When chickens start being stubborn about something, whatever their reasons may be, sometimes you have to make the decisions for them.
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    just take them outside and let them find their way back INTO the coop. They dont know they can exist outside a confined space.

    Enlighten them.
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    Giveem few days till they get used to the new place some hens never seen outside before so they get shocked at the begenning, and after few days forse them out of the coop and make sure they have some treats to snak on then they will realize that this is thie new home.

  10. RainbowFlower

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    I just went out to force them out of the coop, and two of them were out. [​IMG]

    Looks like they have worked it out for themselves, it's only taken 9 days. I've been watching over the last hour, and the two of them seem to be going in and out. I guess the other two will catch on when they see the first two getting all of the goodies.

    Thanks everyone.

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