Woo Hoo! New paddocks and (hopefully) new arena!!!


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Duvall, WA
I'm so excited, I've got a guy at my new house right now scraping my paddocks and putting down brand new, mud-free footing! YAY!!!!

Plus when he's done with them he's going to go take a look at my outdoor arena and see what he might be able to do about scraping and re-footing that as well. I'm a little scared to see how much that is going to cost but I'm thrilled that the paddocks are done at least. I've got two more stalls to clean out (still some stuff stacked up in them) and then a good pressure washing and I'll be ready to take in a couple of boarders.... Just hoping we get it all done before July 1st when we move in!

Imagine it with the ridiculously huge motorhome gone and a big, beautiful new chicken coop where the blue tarp is!

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I know, he's been extremely entertaining to watch. It's a very beautiful thing to see a giant pile of mud exiting the area and being replaced by clean DRY gravel
I'm not sure what's going to happen with the arena... Right now it's hogs fuel that has broken down basically to dirt. He's going to take a closer look at it today and come up with a plan... Last time he was out he thought he could scrape the existing footing and the moisture fabric without disturbing the french drains that are already in there, then would put a layer of something with sand on top. I wasn't here at the time so I'm not sure exactly what he wanted to use under the sand... All I know is it sounded pricey
LOL! Actually a huge chunk of the cost is removing the old footing and hauling it off but I think we' have a place to spread it on the property so we may actually be able to go forward with his plans... Just gotta wait for the final bid and see
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Yeah, he said if we leave any of the hogs fuel in it will work it's way up and ruin the new footing... I just hope he can get it all out without pulling up te drains. It will be really nice to have a place to ride my retired guy again even though I don't do a whole lot with him. If we get the arena done I know it will make me feel a little silly to be paying board for my competition horse this summer when the weather is nice... But I'm sure when the rains come again and I'm warm and dry in the indoor I'll remember why I do. Also, it would make me feel much better to know that I have a place to continue to train just in case finances ever required me to pull my giant money pit from my trainer's barn... Riding outdoors in the winters here aren't all that pleasant but I'm sure we'd adjust!

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