WOO HOOO! Our First 2 Dozen Egg Day

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  1. Our girls have been doing good and today is our first 2 dozen egg day. You would never know that it is winter. The last 2 were very soft shelled, which we have to figure out why, but they count. We had 496 total eggs in November and we are shooting for 600 in December. I guess we had better find some more people who like to eat eggs. We are just doing our part for high cholesterol.
  2. Barn Maid Ann

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    Oct 28, 2008
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    Wowyzowy, that is a lot of eggs! What do you do with them all? Do you sell them? How many chickens do you have?
    We have 16 hens and we are up to 8 or 9 eggs per day.
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    Jun 28, 2008
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    I was ecstatic when I got 4 eggs the other day. My hubby is freaking out, (I have 18 hens)....18 eggs a day....what are you gonna do with 18 eggs A DAY!!??? I said sell em!
  4. Well, we eat some, give some to friends and family and sell the rest. Right now we have about 27 that are of laying age. We have about 40 more that will be ready to start laying this coming February and March. We normally get 21 to 22 eggs every day but today was our first at 24. But of the 27, 14 of them are deligated to breeding when we want to run some eggs through the incubator.

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