wood duck eggs


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7 Years
May 28, 2012
Looking for some hatching wood duck, pintail, or any species of teal eggs. If anyone has some or knows where i can get some let me know. Thanks! Any info is appreciated.
Most breeders do not sell hatching eggs for ornamental waterfowl because they are very difficult to hatch unless you have a broody duck or chicken to put htem under. They do not do well put directly into an incubator and unless the breeders just has a massive amount of hens it would take a week or two to get a clutch. Also there is no way to really check the fertility since the only lay 8-10 eggs a year and some will double clutch. It is alos late in the year for this birds. My mandarins and wood ducks have already gone into molt.

It is best with the ornamentals to buy fully grown birds from a breeder. not a hatchery.

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