Woodpecker snatching chick from birdhouse


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Pretty freaky video. The commentary is in Dutch, but the pix speak for themselves. I didn't know woodpeckers would do this, it grabs a blue tit chick right out of a bird house. The kidnapping is at about the 1 minute mark.

And the lesson here is if you make to much noise for food you become food
Omg, how sad! That was the cutest baby bird, almost ready to fledge. I wish I could understand what was being said. He grabbed the poor chick from the beak, it looked so terrified when it was being pulled out. It sounded like there were other chicks im the nest, or at least I hope there were. Often times, the most dominant, boldest chicks are the first to get eaten. I've heard that some woodpeckers do eat other small birds and eggs. In fact, most omnivorous birds will eat eggs and chicks.

I'm going to have nightmares now, why do I watch these things right before bed!
I just checked up on this and apparently those kind of woodpeckers are a real problem to blue tits. One guy reported that just about every one of his nest boxes had chicks pulled out of them. Sometimes, the woodpeckers will use the boxes themselves. They take advantage of the fact that the chick will jump up on the edge of the hole when it sees its parent's shadow.
And at the end the mother looked so worried

But here's a funny video about an eagle and a raven that should cheer you up

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