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    Jul 30, 2010
    hi group.i had posted about wormers,and got replies.thanks,seems like wazine,is onlly for round worms?,so need another wormer.
    will get this asap.
    my question is---
    although i am new to free range peafowl...,in england,i kept,7 peacocks,and never heard/worried about this subject?
    i had 7 peacocks,all in an open garden,with a 9 feet tall fence,but never had any problems,or heard of such things?
    i now,have 3 peacocks,had them since 2 days old.
    have had them in the house,but now,they are outside,but on my patio,no dirt!,concrete floor.
    have seen some earth worms,when i move some plant pots,but thats all
    have,from what i have read,think that all these worm problems,stem from chickens/fowl,being kept on the same land?
    i have none of these things/
    my 3 peacocks are 6 months old now,and next month i intend to release them ,to free range my nieghbourhood.
    want to know if wazine is enough,or should i buy another wormer,and treat them before their release.
    1 is SO TAME,so the others will follow,but at the moment,as they are penned in,thought this question was appropriate
    also,have had issues with hawks!!,or my guys now big enough to deal/be set freewith this issue?
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    I would def. use more than wazine. I would actually stop using it and use liquid goat wormer. you can order it online for really cheap or you can buy it at your local feed stores. Its pratically magic in a bottle and it kills most worms. I would watch out for those earth worms also, they carry worms and tiny parasites.

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