Valbazen liquid cattle/sheep wormer kills all known types of worms that chickens can get. Dosage is 1/2cc given orally undiluted to each standard size chicken, 1/4cc for smaller chickens. Redose again in 10 days. Double the dosage and worm more frequently when treating for tapeworms or gapeworms. For eyeworm, mix equal parts of valbazen and water and flush the eyes. Then dose orally 1/2cc undiluted.
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I know this is an older post, but you and Kathy both seem extremely knowledgeable, and I desperately need some chicken advice. Perhaps you could both give me some insight. I bought the Valbazen and want to worm my chickens now but I am hesitant because of all of the conflicting advice out there. Dilute or not dilute? 0.1 ml per pound? 1/2 cc for larger fowl 1/4 for smaller fowl? What about 13 week olds? I have some silkie bantys that I am so afraid to overdose. I have one banty silkie hen who is very sickly and has been for a couple of months now, I believe she has eyeworms. She is just skin and bones and has not eaten crumbles for at least 2 months now. I am feeding her scrambled eggs, blueberries, green peas, bananas, red and green grapes. I thought for certain she had a respiratory infection and treated her with tylan. When that didn't help, I treated her with duramycin. I was also washing and treating her closed, matted eyes with terramycin. She then developed canker on her skin, and I treated her with flagyl. I am assuming it hurts her to eat crumbles because she is not interested. I am currently syringe feeding her water with vitamins and electrolytes daily, and her skin condition has improved greatly. Her appetite is great and she gobbles up the food I give her every day. Her trachea is very distended, and her crop is almost nonexistent. I know she is depressed because she has been in isolation but I don't dare put her back in with the flock. I wormed all of my chickens with safeguard 2 weeks ago, and now want to follow up with valbazen. I also have a 13 week old that is displaying the same eyeworm symptoms. I have been washing his crusted stuck-shut eyes daily also. He was born with them sealed shut, and I washed them several times daily so he could see his food. What I am cleaning out of their eyes appears to be thin white threads. These are the only 2 displaying any eye symptoms. I did find evidence of roundworms and tapeworms out in the chicken run, so I know they need to be wormed. I guess this is quite the loaded post, but these are my pets and I am very attached to them. My silkie hen is only 1 1/2 yrs old and she keeps fighting to live. Please could you explain the procedure for putting the valbazen in the eyes, and I am afraid to give my fragile silkie banty hen 1/2 cc orally for fear it is too large of a dose, especially after putting it in her eyes too. Also, I read on another forum that chicks hatched from eggs laid by hens with worms may also be born with worms??? How old do the chicks have to be before they can be wormed? and dosage? Thanks in advance for any advice you have to offer.
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If I were in your shoes I would start by getting a baseline weight on everyone, then give Valbazen at 0.08ml per pound. Can you post some pictures?

Hello, Thank you for your advice. So I wormed with valbazen, treated the 2 as directed for eyeworms, and put everybody on vitamins and electrolytes. They are all doing great except for the 2 birds in question. The eyes cleared up for a few days, but now having problems. 14 week old - rooster? Chronically goopy eyes since hatch. I wiped his eyes daily several times so he could eat and he has thrived and survived miraculously. I am posting pictures of his eyes. Terramycin is not doing anything for this little guy. Treated for eyeworms.... I had him on antibiotics months ago, clears up and then gets goopy again. Tried oxytetracycline and when that didn't cure it, a couple doses of tylan. He weighs 2 lbs and 5.8 oz. He is half silkie. Has been wormed with safeguard and a follow up with valbazen orally and in his eyes. I am still having to clean his eyes daily, sealed shut in morning when I let him out of the coop. The others are picking on him I assume because he is weaker. Appetite is great and he drinks plenty of water. Should I treat him with tylan? I have tylan 50, injectable, but I give orally because I am uncomfortable giving in skin. None of the others in coop with him have eye issues.... I don't know what to do for him. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

and now for this girl.... She is 1 and a half yrs old, silkie hen. Been ill since August. Has been in isolation, have tried many recommended treatments on her. Started out with eyes sealing shut, and respiratory symptoms. Treated initially with tylan in august and terramycin daily - which did nothing for her eyes. Recently had her on cephalexin, thought maybe bacterial skin infection. Tried a 5 day course of flagyl, thought maybe fungal or yeast skin infection. Has been wormed with safeguard, followed by valbazen, treated for eyeworms also with the vetryx and the valbazen. Have been putting vetryx on her face and head to ease discomfort and condition her skin. She has not eaten crumbles since maybe august or september, so I thought maybe she could have a deficiency that caused skin condition. She was on polyvisol w/out iron drops daily. Now she is taking chicken vitamins and electrolytes that I syringe feed to her daily because she is not interested in drinking. However she is eating great. I have been giving her anything she likes, she has been eating scrambled eggs daily along with bananas, blueberries, green peas, red and green grapes, she has eaten a bit of chopped up spaghetti, and pumpkin with the seeds. She is in a crate inside where she is warm, and I have her on newspapers lined with paper towels so she can wipe her mouth when she eats and not get shavings stuck to her. I clean her bedding several times a day and immediately clean up any droppings so she is not standing in them. She was having lots of mucous and respiratory symptoms which have cleared up. I recently put a teeny tiny amount of revolution (selamectin) on the back of her neck up high....in case it could be scaly or mange mites??? Each day that I expect to find her dead, she has pulled through and doing a bit better..... should I bathe her? I don't want to do more damage to her skin. Is this pox? Vitamin deficiency? mange? Canker/trich/roup? Favus? Her eyes were sealing shut daily, but since valbazen and vetryx have been clear. I have been letting her outside for sunshine when the weather is dry and warm. she recently went through a molt. Does anybody have any idea what she may have and what my next course of action should be? please don't say cull, she is fighting to live and has come a long way, also only 1 and a half. Also, we have so many wild birds that keep getting into the coops and eating the feed and drinking their water. We do not have any avian vets around, so not an option.

If the Tylan doesn't work you could try Baytril. Tylan 50 dose I would use is 0.5ml per pound twice a day.

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oh boy, I've been seriously underdosing him..... no wonder he's not showing much improvement. I have given him just a little over 1/4 ml once daily for the past two days. He weighs in at 2 lbs. 5.8 oz. So I should be giving him at least 1 and 1/4 ml 2x daily? Or should I round up to 2 and a half pounds? I am glad I am asking for help.

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