Worming Free-Range Ducks


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Jun 12, 2018
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Does anybody have any bright ideas on how I can worm free-range ducks please? I'm guessing there is no magic answer but just in case!

We rehomed some Cherry Valley girls a few months ago - previously they were at a commercial egg farm and barn-kept. We are in the UK. We confined them to a small pen for a while, incorporating some land and a bit of the lake, and housed them overnight but now they live free-range with access to our small lake, garden and horse field.

Instead of hanging out by the lake, they far prefer to stay up by the house in the daytime... I think to avoid our drakes. I put a deep tray of water for them there too which they are delighted with but his afternoon I noticed a tapeworm in it!

We can buy feed with wormer in or buy the powder but not a lot of use whilst they free-range as well? And they are pretty nervous and I can't pick them up easily. They also don't seem to like anything for a treat... I have tried things like chopped greens and they might poke at it but never eat it (I'm happy if they eat only their proper feed but makes it difficult to hide wormer in other things).

Any thoughts appreciated!
Hopefully you have worked this out, but if not is there any chance of penning them to limit their access to 'extraneous' food sources?

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