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    I have flock of chickens, ducks and a goose. The chickens are various ages, but most are young (not quite laying age).
    My rooster fell pray to the heat of the summer yesterday, so we brought him inside and babied him. This morning, I went to check on him and found roundworms. Unsure if he vomited them or passed them.
    So, obviously I need to worm my flock.
    Is there a wormer that will work for the whole flock or do I need to use separate ones for the ducks, chickens and goose?
    Thanks for any help!
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    Jan 29, 2014
    West Tennessee
    You can use Wazine for rounds, safegaurd or valzaban for other types... . You would need to treat all since they've never been dewormed.... I use Safeguard and orally administer .5mls to each bird.. Repeat after 10 days.... You can purchase Wazine and Safeguard at TSC... I think Wazine goes in water, never used it and not sure amount.... Not sure where you can purchase Valzaban ..
  3. zanelee

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    Thank you! That is exactly what I needed!
    How long do we not use their eggs for? Also, can this be used the same on the goose and ducks? I realize it's an off-label use either way, but...

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