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    I've looked for threads on this subject to no avail. I haven't seen any worms but want to dose the flock anyway. Is this wrong to do? I went to TSC and only saw cat/dog wormers. Do we use these or is there chicken wormers? Do you put it in the water or dose each individual? I want to ready up the flock for winter and this is on the checklist of things to do. Thanx for your help! (Some chickens are 3 months and never wormed and the rest are adoptees ranging in ages and history of ownerships and care)
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    Do it the natural way.

    Feed them pumpkin seeds (whole). They LOVE them and its a natural dewormer.

    They also love the pumpkin. Cut one in half, give it to them, get out of the way![​IMG]

    This is the perfect season right now, lots of pumpkins coming on the market. I wait until AFTER Halloween and people just give them away. [​IMG]

    Sorry I can't address you question about any other chicken dewormers. I have always gone the natural way.


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    I've seen a lot of people on here say they used ivomec and put 3 drops between their wings...I've not done it yet. Still on my list to do. I've also seen several that use Wazine or Piperdine(sp?). Wazine, I think, is just for round worms. The other is for more. I'll subscribe to this topic so I can find out what is best too. I'm not sure about the pumpkin seeds...I've seen some say that's just an old wives tale. I guess it wouldn't hurt. My chickens absolutely love any kind of seeds. Good Luck:)
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    I cannot find any good scientific data on home rememdy wormers so I tend to stick with the known meds. And since parasites are rare in the desert I tend to get a fecal screened by the vet if I have reason to believe that worms could be present. I have to admit that I do a lot of poop patrol on the chickens as well as our dogs as I find it to be a good barometer of anything abnormal going on with them.

    That being said, I bought birds from someone who kept them in the same kennel outside with dogs. And the dogs did not look good. So while I confined the birds at our home initially I wormed them with fenbendazole using the 10% liquid goat wormer from Jeffers. Our vet suggested to use 1 ml per liter of water for 5 days and with hold eating eggs for 14 days past the last dose day.
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    Valbazen..You give 1/2 cc orally, undiluted, per standard bird. Bantams get 1/4 cc.


    All of mine are getting wormed this weekend.

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