worming of geese.

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  1. Goosey Lucy

    Goosey Lucy In the Brooder

    Nov 2, 2015
    Co.Louth , Ireland
    Hi there everyone,
    I live in Ireland, and have got myself 3 lovely Embden geese, they are now 6 months old
    going into winter I wanted to worm them. I have tried Verm-X .This is a liquid . There instructions said allow 3rd per bird into their normal daily amount to of water and to take away any other sources of water to make sure they would only have their water with them
    Verm-X. It also says that you can soak bread . But my problem is my geese won't drink the
    water they can smell it and they have never takin to eating bread.
    Please can anyone enrich me with their wisdom and knowledge.
    Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Miss Lydia

    Miss Lydia Loving this country life Premium Member

    My geese love bread, start out by offering just the bread small pieces as a treat it doesn't have to be much just enough to get them interested then after you have treated them with some try adding the Verm-X you may have to give them a few pieces each to get them to take it instead of loading one piece with all the wormer. You can do this over several days so your sure they are hooked on the bread treat. All water fowl love bread and it's frowned upon as food for them
    because it is not very nutritious but given in small amounts and whole wheat I use it to give meds and it works very well.

    Welcome to BYC @Goosey Lucy

    They are smart aren't they. knowing something is different about their water. Mine get ACV in their water 3x a week and also poultry vitamins once in a while so they are use to their water having a taste to it.
  3. Goosey Lucy

    Goosey Lucy In the Brooder

    Nov 2, 2015
    Co.Louth , Ireland
    Hi Miss Lydia,
    Thank you so much for your reply, wow your list of birds.
    And me with only 3 geese. I think that, I would love to get 1 or 2 Toulouse.Their so beautiful.
    I wonder how would my three geese except new birds.
    I also have a west highland terrier, he's not really bothered with the geese, if they
    chase after him he usually runs away and then turns and takes chase after them,( in play )
    I also have 2 wonderful sons 10 year old and a 4 year old.
    The geese don't usually take chase after the 10 yr old, but one of the ganders,
    he goes for my 4yr old and gave my son a nasty bit.
    And I also have a husband he's from Dublin City we have moved to where I'm
    originally from ,Castlebellingham, Co. Louth.
    If you were to look at a map of Ireland it looks like a teddy bear, well we live just
    at his neck facing England.
    Well anyway thank you for your advice, if you have anymore I will appreciate
    advice you have Lydia.
    Kind regards ,
  4. Miss Lydia

    Miss Lydia Loving this country life Premium Member

    Here's a good one on goose training. https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/561849/geese-training teaching your 4 yr old not be afraid is very important and to be able to back one down if it comes towards him there is good info in this thread, If I can help in any way please let me know.

    One of our Mods lives in Ireland. She has shared some gorgeous pics of the country. A county I have always wanted to visit.
  5. Miss Lydia

    Miss Lydia Loving this country life Premium Member

    I forgot to answer your question about your geese accepting new birds. If introduced slowly with fencing in between your geese will tolerate new birds. I say tolerate because although mine have been raised around ducks and chickens they just tolerate them, they could never sleep in the same building with any of them. They are all for one and one for all mainly each other. So as long as mine are all out where everyone can keep a safe distance everyone gets along. Now breeding season can present it own challenges and you have to be aware of that with small children also.
    I'm sorry your gander bit your youngest, and I am glad you still have your gander. alot would have gotten rid of him either by re homing or freezer. There is a way to train them to respect us. That link I gave you will explain it all.

    I was just downtown in your town courtesy of you tube. [​IMG]
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  6. Goosey Lucy

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    Nov 2, 2015
    Co.Louth , Ireland
    Hi Miss Lydia,
    I must apologise for my late response.
    I have been very busy with getting everything ready for Santa's arrival .
    I'm dying to know was it Castlebellingham that you seen on you tube or Dublin . Because Castlebellingham is where we are.Its a small village built by the English, which makes it very picturesque .There's a Castle at their edge of the village . Which Wallace Simpson and Edward visited. You really should visit sometime. And we are only 1 hour from Dublin .
    Now Lydia ,I am wondering if it was to get, to let's says -3, in temperature at night, should I consider
    getting a red lamp.I have my 3 geese Charlie, Myrtle, and Henry O'shaugnesy ,in a wooden shed 7ft X 7 ft .
    I have lined the walls with straw bales. I wonder is this enough. Because when I sit with them for a while every evening I notice their shed still feels cold and I worry for them.
    Im sorry about all these maybe, silly questions , but no one near me has geese except the man I bought them of,he doesn't keep his geese for pets
    He keeps them for the Christmas dinner so his standard of care won't be high when it comes to geese comfort ,and so I'd like keep mine safe and happy.
    And so I will be needing to call on your wisdom and knowledge from time to time.
    Look forward to hearing from you ,
    Goosey Lucy.[​IMG]
  7. Miss Lydia

    Miss Lydia Loving this country life Premium Member

    @Goosey Lucy great to see you back on again.. I had to go look up what -3 was since we use F to your C but -3 and 27 is not too cold for geese that are fully feathered in and healthy. they are after all wearing down under those feathers.. I would not use heat. Please never feel your questions are silly, you want your geese to be safe comfortable and healthy nothing wrong with that at all. Next time you go out to sit with them of an evening wear a down jacket or vest and let me know if you feel the cold where the down is.

    You want to make sure they are out of high wind[drafts inside their shed] and that they have good ventilation in their shed because they will produce alot of moisture through their bodies and poop so there needs to be a way for it to get out so good air from windows and bad air leaving from vents up top around roof. Does this shed have any windows or opening when you can let in some good fresh air but it isn't blowing wind right over top of them? We are into low 20'sF right now and I keep south and east windows open at the top. then there is venting at the roof to let out the moisture.
    I hope you call on me alot I love talking about geese they are such awesome birds..

    Yep Christmas is getting closer by the day and when you have children there is alot to do.

    None of my mine will be Christmas goose either.[​IMG]

    I googled Castelbellingham and found video that showed the main street going through town it is a very pretty place and I have a good friend that is now living in Ireland so maybe one day I will get to visit.

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