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    Hello, there! I am a proud mama of 31 feather babies. We have never wormed them before, but I am seeing evidence that, after research here on BYC, points to worms. Several of the chickens have pale combs, seems like more each day, and a few have had droopy tails.

    After reading, it seems like ivermectin is the best way to deal with this.

    My question is this - we are going out of town Monday - my husband will be back after 8 days. Our neighbor will be looking after the chickens, but simply feeding and watering. How long do I need to observe them after dosing? Do I need to make sure to be around for a certain amount of time to make sure they are all fine? I know I am probably worrying too much, but I want to make sure to do this right.

    Also, please send your positive thoughts our way - this will be the first time away from all our pets (31 chickens plus 4 dogs) and I am a little nervous about it.

    Thank you!
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    Hi Melanie and welcome to BYC!
    I would say if they all look fine after 24 hrs. then they will continue to do fine.

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