worming-what age to start


5 Years
Oct 1, 2014
I've been trying to stock up on some of the preventative and medical items for my new pellets and had some questions about worming. I looked at the past threads and didn't find the info, I apologize if it's repetitive. My first question is at what point should I try deworming? I know some people don't think it's necessary but I think it's probably worth it. Also is a dewormer preventative or does it just kill existing worms? Thanks for any info you have.
I wouldn't worm any earlier than twelve weeks or so (and probably not until 6 months). Chickens younger than this likely don't have a large worm infestation.

Wormers kill worms inside the chicken; they don't prevent them.
Like Wyandottes7 said, I wouldn't think about worming until birds are at least 12-14 weeks old. A young bird hasn't usually been around long enough to contact enough worms to make worming worthwhile. Wormers can stress a bird's system out (especially in young birds), so I'd only worm when necessary or occasionally as a preventative measure.

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