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11 Years
Oct 27, 2008
Patmos, GA
Found tape worms in chicken poop this evening, started Wazine. My question is how long do I put it in their water and do I wait 14 days after they come off of it to retreat? Planning on getting some Fenbendazole, how long to I treat them with that?
wazine is used for roundworms only.are you sure you're dealing with tapeworms? i'm not sure how to treat for tapeworms if that's what they are. hopefully a "worm" expert will help you with this issue.good luck.
first you need to ID the organism (fecal at the vets, consult photos or post some photos), then pick the right drug. wazine will kill some types of roundworms, it is ineffective for tapeworms. Fenbendazole is not so good for tapeworms either- mostly used for rounds as well. Praziquantel & albendazole should work for most poultry tapes, keeping in mind that all of the above are off label for laying hens.

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