Worms around eggs

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  1. octip

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    Aug 25, 2019
    We have backyard egg laying chickens and I have noticed sometimes we get worms (maggot-looking) on the eggs that were hatched. What is causing this and how can I remedy the issue? The chickens are about 1 year old and some of the eggs are deformed and wrinkled looking, I hope that makes sense.

    We would like to try a home remedy before any medication.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to BYC, if they have a bad worm infestation only medication will help, there are things you can do to deter the infestations but once present it's medications and tossing the eggs while you treat. another thing is cleanliness of the bedding, if you don't you can get fly maggots in the bedding and when there hen lays the eggs it has a bit of moisture that will attract them.
    While Natural is great as preventative you will need to medicate sometimes. if you could post pictures of it one of the eggsperts will answer as I am just going by what you posted.

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  3. octip

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    Aug 25, 2019
    I will try and get a photo of the next egg but what type of medication is recommended?
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    Welcome To BYC!

    Can you give a bit more information - you mention worms (maggots) on egg that were hatched...are you finding maggots on the shells after the chicks hatch out, in the nest, etc.? Photos of what you are seeing would be helpful. I could see where if left in the nest that flies would be attracted to the shells and debris from hatching. Remove the shells from the nest once chicks are all hatched.

    Photos of the deformed and wrinkled eggs?
    How long have you had your chickens? Have they ever had any symptoms of respiratory disease? (sneezing, watery eyes, mucous, etc.?)
    Have you ever wormed your chickens?
    Any signs of lice/mites?
    What do you feed?

    There can be a number of causes for deformed and wrinkled eggs - a few of the more common are Infectious Bronchitis (respiratory disease), parasites (internal and/or external), shell gland defect and improper diet.
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