WORMS in feather folicles??


Apr 10, 2016
somewhere in the Southern USA
A friend of mine had a problem with feathers falling off of her mature chickens' backs. She found that they had worms in the feather follicle. What is that????? She used diatomaceous earth to get rid of them (it worked) but we still don't know what those nasty things were. Thanks.
I would like to know what they are too. I remember 15 years ago when I was 11 or 12 I noticed one of our chickens had worms in their feathers squirming around on her flesh. I don't remember of she was losing feathers or not but you had to part her feathers and look closely to see them. I ran in the house to tell my dad the chicken had maggots in her feathers and he didn't believe me. So I went back out and massaged seven dust into her feathers. It Oops into my head time to time and this is the first I've ce across someone with the same issue. I hope someone chimes in.
@bullets That sounds like it would have been very scary for a child. Good job caring for the chickens! I hope someone knows what they were. I remember when I was very young, I had a sister who's pet guinea pig had maggots eating it alive. I am terrified of those nasty things to this day and that was many years ago.
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