Worms in Winter?


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
I was told that worms don't tend to be a problem in my area (Salt Lake City, Utah) in chickens in winter because it gets so cold here.

Can anyone tell me how cold the winter needs to be, temperature-wise, for worms not to be a problem in winter in chickens? Some people in another climate, a bit warmer than mine, are asking this question.

Thanks for your help. I did a Google search but couldn't find this information.


I found this article that states that frosts tends to kill off worms, but it doesn't state a temperature, per se. We get frosts here when it's as warm out as 39 F. I also found an article about horse worms that said the winters in Pennsylvania don't get cold enough to kill of worms, that it requires far colder temperatures do so. It did not say where in Pennsylvania the writer resided.


That is some very helpful info. Thank you very much, Dawg!

Someone in Portland said that worms hang out there due to all the wet weather. Thus, cocci is a big problem in wetter climes.
I am in Portland, and I found a round worm in some poop, it was still wiggling. I have some flubenvet coming, (really expensive, more than my chickens!) but seems like it will be easy to use. Back to the point It seems to me that Dawg is right as the worms in the chicken will stay warm enough to survive.

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