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Apr 4, 2020
I’m sorry for the photo, but can anyone tell me if this is normal chicken poop? I just got two new EE’s last weekend and their poop looks different and smells horrid. Not sure if it’s just because they were in different food from my current flock, but hoping they didn’t come with worms?



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Feb 12, 2015
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How old are they? How are they acting? Can you get a fecal float test done by a vet?
That looks like intestinal lining. So possiblility for coccidiosis since they are on new ground, and the timing is about right for incubation of that. Also possible worms. The fecal can check for both. The fecal checks for worm eggs, which are microscopic and not visible with the naked eye, and for the coccidia protozoa.
If you cannot get a fecal test then I personally would get some Safeguard and worm them, and have some Corid on hand so you can treat for coccidiosis if that looks like a possibility. If they act lethargic, sit fluffed up, go off feed and water, those are classic signs of coccidiosis. Some strains will show with bloody droppings, some will show with runny or mucousy droppings. Sometimes there will be intestinal shed with either coccidiosis, or with worms.

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