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Nov 19, 2020
I was cleaning my coop out and noticed this odd poop. Does this look like worms or just sone strange poop?


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Umm im not so sure if it is worms and if not you can give them DE(diatomaceous earth)
HERS A LINK to the one I get
Here's a site with really good information
The ration of diatomaceous earth to feed is
1 cup to every
5 pounds
I've read (on BYC from respectable sources) that DE doesn't work. I think. @aart?
I've read (on BYC from respectable sources) that DE doesn't work. I think. @aart?
We have been using DE for over a 1 and a half and it has kept our chickens dewormed. We have cats that were full of worms so we started DE for them and the worms are gone that was 1 month ago in my opinion I LOVE DE
Why do you not think it does not work?
Just curious.
DE can be dangerous to inhale or to get in eyes. It doesn’t help with worms. When DE is ingested and gets wet, it doesn’t do anything. If you want to worm your chickens, use Valbazen or SafeGuard Liquid Goat Wormer. Those are safe and really work.
In my opinion I believe it works
I have dewormed all of my animals with it and I even take it. I have been taking it for over a week and my stomach feels amazing.
I have had stomach problems for a couple years.
I feel so relieved

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