Worried about her!


9 Years
Apr 5, 2010
La Crosse, WI
My EE hen Big Girl has always been at the bottom of the pecking order, but lately shes been getting very beat up by the other hens, and her back is getting torn up by our rooster. I'm afraid she wont have any feathers left soon! And she loves to be held and is such a sweetheart and every time I put her down she is attacked by one of the other girls. They peck her in the face and chase her away! I feel soo bad and am worried about her safety. What should I do?
Hello AJ666. Many people on this site use chicken saddles to protect their hens' backs from roosters during mating. I don't have a rooster so have never used them, but if you search this site you will find a lot of information and advice about the use of saddles. Regarding your pecking issue, if your hen's back is missing feathers, red, or bloody from your rooster, the others will notice this and peck the already damaged area. Saddles should help with this as well. You can also try coating the area with Blu-Kote, but this might not work as well if your rooster continues to injure her. You might also try separating the top bully in your flock for a day or two, which may interfere with the pecking order and the continuous pecking. Others on here may have additional suggestions. Good luck to you and your hen!

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