Worried about my pullet's egglaying issues


Mar 6, 2019
Houston, Texas
I feel like I'm constantly posting asking for advice about my barred rock Scarlet but I need help again.

Scarlet is about 6 months old and has always had issues. She had failure to thrive as a chick and required lots of special care and babying but she pulled through and caught up to our other four girls. She was our first to start laying about a month ago. Since she started laying she pops out one or two soft or no shelled eggs overnight on the poop board every few days. She has had a few eggs with good shells and a few double yolk eggs. I'm concerned because lately she's only had soft-shelled eggs overnight and no good ones though I do see her sitting in the nest box some days. She acts just like our other girls. She's active, comb is red, eating and drinking well, poop looks normal.

They're eating Dumore layer crumbles and have separate containers of grit and oyster shell out at all times. They're let out into our fairly big backyard for about an hour each evening. Between the five of them, they get a small handful of scratch every night and a variety of treats (carrot, raisins, yogurt, scrambled egg, etc.) every few days.

Our next steps are to try and up vitamin D in case it's an issue with absorption but other than that we're kind've at a loss about what we can do to help her. Our chickens are more pets than anything so really her not laying good eggs isn't an issue other than I know soft-shelled eggs can lead to further complication.

Sorry, this is long and rambly but I wanted to get all the information I could think of out there and y'all have been extremely helpful with other issues I've posted about and any advice about what we can do to help her would be greatly appreciated. Our main goal is happy, healthy chickens and anything we can do to make that happen we'll do.
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It may straighten out over time. Some take a while to get more regular. Eggs without shells can be from stress. Since it's happening at night it could be from predators sniffing about, or rodents coming out at night to feed.
I think your next step would be to offer extra calcium for 3-5 days to see if that makes a difference.
Since she had such a rough start, she may have some developmental issues or a defective shell gland.
Hopefully this will improve over time.

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