Worried About Snakes


10 Years
May 4, 2012
I plan to have a small covered fenced area attached to my coop. This will eventually be inside a larger fenced area. I plan to cover it with chicken wire, and the keets will be 5 weeks old when I put them in the coop, do I need to worry about snakes getting them?
It may partially depend upon where you are located, and how many snakes are in the vacinity.

Just this morning I saw a rat/chicken snake on the pillar of the porch, and it had inside little birds (like beads of a pearl necklace). It think it had gotten up to where the cliff swallows are on the house.

Not sure if this is true, but I have heard that the soil sulfur is a deterrent to snakes...I'm getting some to put about a 1-foot barrier around my chicken pens. Not sure how different keets are -- but I would worry for my chicks.

I hope someone with snake expertise comes along and provides more information on snakes.
Yes at 5 weeks old I'd worry about snakes eating them. Guineas (and keets) are blind in the dark, and some snakes hunt at night... Hardware cloth can be your best friend in snake populated areas.

Keets aren't fully feathered and able to regulate their body temps until they are at least 6 wks old, and you can add a couple wks to that if they aren't raised on high protein game bird starter feed.
I agree with the hardware cloth. We have welded wire and need to worry about weasels. Hubby is installing hardware cloth under the welded wire soon, so they can sleep in their run on hot nights.
It's mostly black snakes, not necessarily a lot, but I know they are around. I do intend to close them in the coop at night, and plan to have that snake proof. I just wonder during the day when they are in the fenced area if a snake would bother them. They are on high protein 28%, I have them in a large refrigerator size box in the house right now, should I keep them in the house until they are 6 weeks old? We don't have electricity in the coop yet, and it is suppose to get in the 50's some evenings still. I do know they are suppose to be confined outside for 6 weeks so they know where home is, that is why I am fencing in an area, so they can at least be out of the coop in the heat of the day, (it does have some shade).
If I had snakes in my area that have the potential to eat keets, I'd worry about my babies during the daytime too... I am a worrier tho, and Murphy's Law comes into play a lot when it comes to keets and Guineas (whatever can happen, will happen)

I give all my keets free choice to a heat source until they are 6 wks old... mostly at night once they get past 4 wks old during the warmer summer months tho. Can ya move them to the garage for a while? (Assuming that's snake proof!)
No garage, I don't mind them being in the house, just a lot of dust from the pine shavings. I've been worrying about putting them out, I won't be able to keep an eye on them : ) I've been enjoying their chirping so much, I'll miss it when they are out. I have a stick thru the box, so they are perching and enjoying themselves, I just haven't brought many bugs in the house for them! I have 4, one with a bad leg unfortunately, and I just got 10 eggs in the incubator this week, I figured 3 wasn't really enough. I'll keep them in til they are six weeks, that will give us time to get more done on the coop anyway, thank you for all of your help!
We built a room in our garage as our coop. With the steel door shut its 100% predator proof. The ventilation is 9ft high and covered with wire.

It's a bummer you don't have a garage. I keep mine inside until 8 weeks or so before they head out to the coop. I'm looking forward for the hardware cloth being added under the hardware cloth to make the run extra secure.

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