Worst hatch ever!


Sep 20, 2020
Wow I am so sad to see only half my chicks hatched. I had a 91% hatch rate I was proud of. Lately we are getting near freezing temps. I was storing my hatching eggs the laundry room which has no heat. I am assuming this is the problem. Where then do i keep hatching eggs while gathering enough for the incubator? I am worried my indoor temp is too warm usually around 73 degrees. Thank you.
Your laundry room should be fine for storing eggs. I've collected hatching eggs in February when it was in the teens outside and they still hatched. How long are you keeping the eggs before incubating? I like to keep them big side up in egg cartons and alternate propping up one side or the other to "turn" them while waiting. I think you're right that your indoor temp is too high, what's the ambient temperature in your laundry room?
Most likely the poor hatch rate was as Sourland said, due to decreased fertility this time of year.
The laundry room is similar to a garage. I have a thermometer in there. There have been nights it dropped to 36° in the laundry room. I had thought that if the egg temp was increased gradually before incubation, near freezing temps should not harm the egg.
I am attempting to hatch my buff orp eggs. I am using the nurture right 360 which is great. In the past hatches have gone well. Maybe two or three total had not hatched.
Another thing that has me wondering. Is recently my chickens had fowl pox. The egg production has slowed and not yet fully picked up. I did not think it affected the egg fertility. I did not candle my eggs by the way.
I am going to search for answers and find out if buff orps are less fertile in winter. I do know they're cold hearty.

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