Would a partially underground chicken coop work?

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    The horrible summer heat has given me the idea of using this storage space as my chicken house. Our house is on a sloped lot and along the back there is a screened in porch. Running the length of the porch below are two areas which are fully walled in on three sides with a door at each end. The fourth wall is the rock beneath the house's foundation. This area is always cooler than the outside in the summer and warmer in the winter. It is also wired for electricity. The door with the little roof over it (in the picture between the trees) opens out to the place I plan to build my run. My question is, would this be all right for chickens with some alterations for their safety and comfort or should I just build a detached building? What are the pros and cons? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I assume it is in no way connected to the house other than from the outside? I mention this because chicken coops can smell and attract flies etc. Are you going to have windows or anything in it? As far as the chickens go, it would be perfect and probably great for predator proofing, I am just concerned about smell and if there would be a problem when you sold the house if you couldn't get the smell out. Just something to consider, you would have to make that call.
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    I think it would be great. Make sure there is ventilation and use a deep liter method system and you shouldn't have any odor problem. My only concern would be cold dampness in the winter. Not sure where you live in Ark. but i know there can be some cold damp air in them there hills. The chicks would probably enjoy a couple of windows for light. Good Luck
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