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    Jan 15, 2011
    After searching the entire internet (seems like) I am more confused than ever. We raise around 200 chickens all seperated by breed and age with pullets for sale and coops with our breeding stock for hatching. But about 2 weeks ago we started having 3-4 hens a few days apart begin the stumbling bit and then the cant walk bit. we thought about mereks but they continue to live in our "chicken hospital" as long as we kept food and water next to them.We gave them every vitamin there is including vitamin e. Unfortunatly last night i decided to put them down due to the cant walk bit. This evening i pulled 2 more (different ages & different coops) who looked like they had a little stumble going on. Any definate thoughts on the subject. We feed all our pullets a fairly local game bird grower feed till they get close to laying age. seems to be affecting the dominic pullets and rhode island red pullet roosters. I thank all info on this.
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    I'm sorry I can't help as I haven't had that happen, but I'm sure one of our members will be around soon to help you out.

    oh, and BTW [​IMG] from Mississippi
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    I myself can't say but I'm posting to give it a bump so hopefully someone on here can help you. Good luck and hope you get some help here.
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    I am so sorry about your chickens. [​IMG]

    Well a lot of things can cause it--Marek's, toxins and other diseases including bacterial or viral. I am not an expert but Marek's doesn't always kill quickly. I would check very carefully if any food or water sources have toxins or have been contaminated--including moldy or bad feed. Hardwood shavings can be an issue as well.

    I also hope more experienced BYC members chime in. [​IMG]
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    Aug 21, 2009
    Quote:Hmm.. Just thought about this--too much of some vitamins, minerals or other nutrient can reek havoc too. Could your diet of game bird grower and vitamins be an issue?
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    I was thinking moldy feed, botulism...not sure though. I think if it was marek's, I believe their eyes would turn gray as one of the signs.... I've never dealt with it.

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