Would my chicks like a hen?


8 Years
Aug 6, 2011
New Mexico
All of my little guys are doing well, but I feel like they are a bunch of kids with no grownup.....so I'm toying with the idea of getting a young hen. Would it be good for them to have a grownup to teach them how to be chickens? My thought is that it may be a good spot for a young hen that is further down in her current pecking or just getting picked on. She could at least be on top 'till the kids grew up and someone new started kicking butt.
Or...does it not really matter?
Any input would be appreciated!

chics in the sun

9 Years
Apr 1, 2010
Chickens don't really work that way. If it's not HER babies, most likely she will just beat them up. Every now and then you hear of supper-broody mama hens that will 'adopt' anyone's chicks, but you are not likely to get lucky and find one. Possibly a silkie, though....

I have found chicks raised by people instead of mama hens are friendlier, at least.

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