Would Round-Up be considered a Predator?


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Oct 16, 2010
Hello. I am new to this site. I was hoping someone (or many someones) out there could help me with this question. We live on the edge of a large field. The farm uses Round-Up in the spring on his corn and soybeans. The chicken coop can only be built in certain areas (this is a rental) and all of the available spots are less than 20 feet from this field. Will Round-Up harm chicks or chickens? If so, how do I protect my birds when he sprays? Thank you so much for your replies!
Thats a very good question I wish I had the answer to but I haven't the slightest. I do know pesticides are bad for chickens. I wonder if 20 ft would be far enough to be safe? I wouldn't let them out to free range at all. I think I read somewhere it takes a year or longer to wash away alll the bad struff from fertilizers and pesticides.
If it were 99.9% of rural America would have to be chicken free.
Round-up is safe around chickens. Glyphosate is the main ingredient and doesn't last long in chickens. Just make sure to change their food and water after he sprays. Clean water will also speed up it's removal from the chickens.
I read in a previous post that the responders said not to eat the eggs for a few days if the chickens had direct access to the sprayed weeds. Does anyone have a link to an article on this? My neighbor is a science teacher and is requesting the farmer to not spray near his garden because of the adverse affects on his plants. If it's bad for plants, wouldn't it be bad for humans and animals as well?
Not exactly, you have to look at the chemistry involved. Mammals don't have anything in common with plants.
Since your neighbor, the science teacher has already approached this farmer about not spraying near his garden, I would think he is approachable enough for you to ask him to let you know when he will spray. If it were me I would put up a tarp barrier between the field and the coop. And if your hens free range I would simple keep them in for a week after spraying.

Would that work for you?

And by the way --

I read it takes three years for Roundup to wash away. I wouldn't let them eat any grass that might have been contaminated with Roundup over-spray.
If I were you I would Google the effects of Roundup on warm blooded creatures and see what is being said.
You will find plenty of information either Pro or Con on round-up. You have to make your own decision.
I believe their is enough people questioning Roundup's "safety" therefore there is some doubt of its long term effects.

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