Would this be alright??

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    Would this mix be alright if i used soybean meal instead of the Roasted soybeans or would it affect it???

    17% Layer Ration:
    965 lb. Shelled Corn
    600 lb. Roasted Soybeans
    100 lb. Oats
    100 lb. Alfalfa Meal
    175 lb. Aragonite(calcium)
    60 lb. Poultry Nutri-Balancer
    2000 lb.

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    I don't know the answer to your question but I would think the substitution would be alright. You might ask the mill to mix the calcium, meals and vitamins together really well before adding the larger grains so that the vitamins and minerals are evenly distributed in the mix.
  3. Using Soybean Meal will result in a higher than intended protein content.

    If you intend to maintain the Crude Protein content of the diet and use 48% SBM meal the new levels for corn and SBM would be: 460# SBM and 1105# Corn. If you use 44% SBM that would be 500# SBM and 1065# corn.

    If your objective is to maintain the Lysine content of the complete feed then the SBM levels wil be 485# 48% SBM or 520# 44% SBM

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