Would this make her leave the nest???


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Sep 20, 2009
Pride, La.
I have a BO broody sitting on 10 eggs. Went to make my rounds and give them food and she was off the nest. Okay she usually does that a few times a day but it usually right back on. Well I found a broken egg in the nest. We're on 7 days and it was a perfect 7 day embryo. Well it had ants all around it. I removed the dead one cleaned everything up rand emade her nest basically and she will not go back on it!!
It's been a few hours. Soooooo..... I just made a homemade incubator so I decided to bring them in and put them in that. Candled all of them and every single one was at day 7 stage!!

So now I'm keeping my fingers crossed they didn't die from her being off of them too long!!

But do you think it was the ants that caused her to not wanna go back on the nest????

I had one get spooked off the nest for 4 or more hours (I was at work)....they all hatched...so it will probably be fine!!
Good luck!
Thanks!! I have them in the bator now. Whatever happened to her it completly broke her broodiness!!
I keep hoping another one goes broody!!
Here in So. Fl. We have some NASTY fire ants.. occasionally, I'll have hens run off a nest because the ants decide to set up shop. I use a LOT of DE and I THINK it helps.. Still have a problem with the fireants though
Yeah we have those bad boys too!! I have a feeling that she probably got bit on her butt!! Cause they sure were attacking the embryo in the broken egg!!

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