would this work? combining chicks.


6 Years
Apr 7, 2013
Stanton, KY
Right now I have a 3 day old rescue chick that was brought to me after the mom and other chicks got killed. I also have my 6 week old pullets who just moved to the coop about a week ago. The baby hasn't been in isolation long enough to introduce and I am pretty sure they would try to kill it since they don't even take too kindly to birds in the yard getting too close to the coop.

I have some day old chicks set to come between the 20th and 23rd of this month - would I be able to slip the lone chick in with the day olds? Or will the baby be too big by then? Also am worried about cross contamination with illness so am not sure about that part either - the lone chick so far seems pretty healthy, however it's only been a few days.

The baby is staying in the brooder right now - no outside time yet. I am just trying to figure out the quickest/safest way to get the lone chick into a flock. Poor thing thinks the stuffed swan we put in the brooder is it's mom.

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