Would this work for a bator?


10 Years
Apr 7, 2009
I have a large round tub (the kind you buy at walmart for pop or bobbing for apples) If I put a heating pad on the bottom with water on it. Then cover half of the hole with chicken wire to place the eggs on. Set the thermometer next to the eggs which are in a carton and then do a heat lamp over head.

Will this work if the temp stays stable? Will I still need a fan if the top is open? The eggs will be half way down the bucket. Anyone else have examples of bucket bators?
im not sure about the rest of the set up, but chicken wire will not work. the holes are too big and your babies wont be able to stand on it when they hatch...think more like hardware cloth. The rest...i would say you could use almost anything as a bator that you can keep a stable humidity and temperature.
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