Would this work for a coop?


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Sep 17, 2008
Southern Maine
I am soo excited to get my chicks, but can't stop thinking about their home. We are not the handiest of folk, nor do we have a ton of time so I saw this at Sams club. I know that it is not draft free and would need some modifications. I figure that if we put about a hundred more into it, we can make it predator and draft free. Am I in over my head? We are looking to have 6-8 hens, would a coop this size be adequate?
"Huge 6'1" x 4'10" x 6' cedar playhouse"
We will be adding a run to the little house for days when they can't roam free.
We are in the early stages and saw this and began wondering....what do you think?
Thanks so much!


11 Years
Jul 30, 2008
I would not exceed 6 hens and 4 would probably be more suitable for a coop with 24 square feet. I say that because I see you live in Maine and I am assuming they will be spending a lot of time locked inside due to the weather.
You will need to add glass window and hardware cloth to the windows and venalation holes at the top.
It doesn't mention if it has a floor so that will need to be addressed as well if it does not have a floor. If it does have a floor I would elivate the coop a foot to two feet above the ground.

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