Would you two knuckleheads just lay an agg or two?

Chickie Baby

8 Years
Mar 17, 2014
I have two 29 week old silver laced wyandottes. They look so ready to lay and have looked like this for weeks. Why are they being so stubborn? The little pipsqueaks around them are laying and are much younger.


Pretty birds, they really are making you wait aren't they. Could they be hiding eggs somewhere? Are you sure they aren't laying if a lot of your eggs are about the same color? ime Wyandottes do tend to be a little slow to start compared to more production breeds, though usually by six months. They are so pretty they are worth the patience :)
I have a Silver Laced Wyandotte who is 26 weeks and looks like yours'. She isn't laying either! Silly Birds!
Kelsie, they do free range all day and I've looked everywhere, but I could be missing them though. It's like Easter every afternoon. I've locked them all in the coop and run and still haven't gotten anything from them. All others will lay in the nesting boxes, but they don't seem to want to give in.
They are very beautiful and have the best personalities. They were the first of my girls. I got them at a week old and have been patiently waiting momma. Holly & Molly -sweet babies!
Klyn, we may be in a waiting game together. Little stinkers!! :idunno

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