Wound on back needed stitches


May 30, 2020

I started my adventure in chicken tending earlier this spring. Yesterday, I had a Fox figure out the lock to our coop and take out three of our four girls. The one left had a 1.5x1/2 inch wound on her back where her skin was missing. I could see the muscle underneath. We couldn’t find an avian vet that could see her the same day, so I did what any mom would do and became Dr. I cleaned the wound with some wound care solution, bought some 4% lidocaine burn gel, sanitized a piece of thread and a needle, and got ready to stitch her up. To numb her I let the lidocaine sit for a few minutes then for added pain relief I wrapped an ice pack in gauze and let it sit on the wound for a about 5 min. Then while my daughter held her, I stitched her up. Only 6 stitches but it felt like 100 for me. My girl took it like a champ. She really didn’t even bat an eye. I also bought an antibiotic and gave her .1 cc in hopes to stave off infection. I’m planning on giving her a shot every day for the next week. I have her in my sick bay in out sun room and this morning she is looking good. Does anyone have any further suggestions on how I can help her recover and hopefully stave off infection? Side note: I’m putting in more secure locks today.


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