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    Mar 13, 2015
    [​IMG]I have a chick who got wounded last night on its neck. A friend of mine thinks it is best to put it down before the wound gets infected because if the depth of it ... my question is, if the chick is still eating & drinking, what are the chances of survival? Is there some home remedy that I could be using to help the wound heal? Do I need to separate it from the other chicks? Thank you in advance!
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    Chickens are extremely resilient, even as babies. I've seen some birds on this forum with some pretty horrific injuries, and they survived them.
    You could put some antibiotic ointment on the wound (with out ingredients that contain 'cain, those ingredient are for pain, not great for birds). Or spray it with some BluKote (note- don't use the spray anywhere thats windy, unless you want blue/purple freckles that'll stick around for a while. People will look at you funny, ask me how I know this :/ ). Keep it clean and make sure the other chicks aren't bothering it. If they get curious, and you use the BluKote, it'll help mask the wound to make it less noticeable to the other chicks.
    If your chick is still eating and drinking, that's a very good sign! :fl for you and your chicky!
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    Can you post a picture? How deep is the wound? Do you have some betadine, or some antibiotic ointment that you could lightly apply? Be sure that any ointment you use does NOT have any pain killer in it. If the chick is acting ok, wait it out. They are remarkably resilient when it comes to healing wounds, as long as their flock mates don't find it and start pecking it. How did it get wounded?

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